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Twitchy with Boredom

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So my weekend began by staying late at the office (I had planned to leave early -- even got to work on time so I wouldn't feel guilty about it)while trying to convince UPS that, despite what their computer screens said, the package of important personal documents shipped by my parents had not been delivered to me, nor did I know this mysterious "Moses" character (perhaps because he/she/it is apparently the receptionist we do not have) who supposedly signed for them.

My weekend ended by finding a dead mouse on the floor of my bedroom. OK, that's not true -- my weekend ended when Married Brother called to tell me about Gary Bennett's walk-off Grand Slam (take that, Cubbies!), which was probably the only reason I was able to sleep last night and not lie curled up and shivering in the farthest corner of my bed, listening for mice or 4:30 am arguments by downstairs neighbors (as in Friday night) or God-knows-who buzzing my apartment at 2:30 am (Saturday night).

Also, it rained. Normally this would not have bothered me, as I camped out on the couch and tore through some mysteries from the library. Surprisingly though, this is not a choice activity for keeping yourself from getting antsy about various Things-That-Go-Bump-In-The-Night or other situations that you can't really do anything to resolve right that second. (No, UPS still does not know where the package is, although I've at least gotten them to admit that they did not deliver it to me or anyone on my floor. Make a note: DO NOT USE UPS UNLESS YOU ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO. Their delivery service sucks, and they have the most inefficient system for resolving complaints in the entire universe.) So the fact that I haven't seen the sun in three days is really not helping my mood right now.

I will continue with the double-blogging, although I'm really starting to like the no-frills approach over here. And since I figured out I can (at least temporarily) use my NYU granted webspace for image hosting, that takes away the one real drawback to leaving Xanga.

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