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Good Mood Miscellanea
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You would not think, after being in a wretched mood for most of the past two weeks (starting with Nn leaving town and reaching crisis status upon my discovery that I have lost the notebook containing the two and a half chapters of my novel that haven't been typed into the computer yet)that on an afternoon in which the office is yet again freezing and I have just "watched" Izzy blow yet another Cards win against the Nationals of all teams, that the bad mood clouds would part and suddenly all would be sunshine and lollipops again. Yet that is precisely what happened yesterday. Even a trip to the overcrowded Brooklyn Target and the forty-five minutes it took to make the normally twenty minute trip home from there did not faze me.

The notebook thing sucks. I've had a suspicion that I didn't know where it was for a while, but I kept putting off actually looking for it until Saturday. (I think I've actually gone through the entire cycle of grief on this -- starting with a really long stop on Denial and cycling through most of the others in about two hours on Saturday) But, it's not like I wasn't going to have to re-write those chapters eventually anyway. That's Aloha's actual revision process -- she puts the old draft away and writes the entire thing over again, figuring if it is good enough to keep, she'll remember it. I have to say, she's usually right.

I'm continuing the archival transfer process. I'm going to try to remember to disable the email option while I'm doing so, so those of you who have a subscription won't be flooded with emails on posts from two years ago. I didn't think of that until this weekend, so I apologize if you've been inundated already.

Cousin Ka's wedding invitation arrived a few days ago, and now I know why her fiancee abbreviates his name. (Let's just say it's a little old-fashioned and would probably have caused him to get teased a lot growing up.) Only problem is, now I can't use an abbreviation for a psuedonym, so I shall have to think of something else. Maybe something to do with the Coast Guard.

I'm almost finished with my second adult sized sweater! I don't do a lot of knitting when it's hot, so this one has been lagging for awhile, but I have made myself buckle down and I should have both sleeves knit in about a two week span. That's good because I still have to do the other half of the over-the-knee wool socks I started last winter before it gets cold again. Plus, I have decided to knit an adult sized sweater for someone other than myself for a Christmas/birthday present and I need to get started soon if I'm to have any prayer of finishing it on time. It will be an excellent project to start during the baseball playoffs, both because it will make all that TV watching somewhat productive, and because I've discovered that knitting while watching important games keeps me from hyperventilating. Most of the time.

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