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Fun to be me
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Reading: The Footprints of God by Greg Iles
Music: Herbie Mann's Memphis Underground
TV/Movie: Futurama Season 3
Link o' the Day: Wildside Press

Iíve not forgotten the FWAPA project. Iím trying to get the Bulletin out the door, so as soon as I have that locked down, Iíll be on to the nex project. Promise.

* * *

Itís fun to be me sometimes.

Daily readers may recall that I have a new computer at work. While itís been an interesting adventure getting myself acclimated to it--my only hurdle left is figuring out how to get its terminal program to work properly so I can telnet to unix shells from work. One particularly neat discovery is a program called Limewire which searches the internet for specific files and within specific file formats. With this program Iíve managed to secure a couple of hundred MB worth of obscure punk rock, a CD worth of stand up comedy routines, and now a bunch of season 5 episodes of Futurama.

Why the last? Because Iíve never seen the Nebula-nominated episode ďWhere No Fan Has Gone BeforeĒ. Now I have a copy of it. (strictly for preview purposes and of course will be deleted in due course!)

But John, ainít that stealing?

Yeah, I guess so.

So how to you, a civilized individual, justify this?

Well, none of the quality is on par with having an industry-blessed original. I will purchase the Futurama season 5 collection when it comes out (I just purchased season3 yesterday). Most of the punk collections are done by bands who would want me to have it for free anyway (and in those few cases where I should buy the commercial versions, I probably will anyway just to have a proper collection).

Sounds like rationalization to me.

Who asked you? Whose journal is this, anyway? Guards! Guards!

* * *
And the weekend has arrived! A busy one coming up. Aside from bulletin-related work, I also have to get back to prepping the Bickersons book Iím working on, as well as work on a couple of writing projects. Iíd also like to do something about getting SoH#2 out I the mail for a few people so I can then get cracking on the third issue.

House-wise, Pretty Maggie and I should catch up on the housework. Personally, I have to prep my office for the eventual arrival of my New Big-Ass Desk and still find room for all the boxes Pretty Maggie and I still have to deal with.

But hopefully it wonít all be work work work. Weíll get together with friends at some point and chill.

* * *

Another example of how much fun it is to be me. I finally found a copy of Herbie Mannís rendition of ďHold On! Iím ComingĒ. Letís hear it for Straweberriesís preview stations. Iíd been looking for that song for years now, and while itís not quite as good as the live version I had from my long-lost Newport in New York Jazz Jam Festival 1976 recordingóitís still pretty rocking. Or at least as rocking as a jazz flute can be.

* * *
A lot of older authors have found new life at small pressesóand a number of new authors as well. Wildside Press is probably the best and most prolific of the small presses that deal with genre fictionóheance them getting the Link oí the Day. If youíve got a favorite author whose work has been out of print for a long time, check out these guys. You might be surprised. (they also do a lot with pulp fiction, so thereís yet another reason.


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