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UID: A Brief Explanation
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Unique Identification, or UID, is a requirement of the United States Department of Defense (DoD). This requirement is part of a bigger UID compliance process, whereby government property is identified, registered, and tracked through a unique identification number. Through the use of 2D data matrix bar codes and other identification methods, all marked parts are scanned and tracked through a series of procedures. This helps the DoD to better maintain the condition, safety, and maintenance of every asset in use today.

Every business that supplies materials to the U.S. government is required to comply with these enforced UID procedures. Current DoD standards are detailed in the MIL SPEC 129 and MIL STD 130 guidelines. MIL SPEC 129 specifications have been developed to streamline the shipping and transportation processes associated with various military shipments as well as stored goods. The UID label is a key component of this process and as part of MIL SPEC 129 also requires a specific nomenclature and manufacturing details to be provided.

Compliant UID marking is a requirement for successful business with the U.S. government today. There are many options available to enable each manufacturer to choose a solution that fits their production process best.

The first step of the UID compliance process is marking or printing according to the standards of MIL SPEC 129 and MIL STD 130. Next steps involve using the proper syntax and formatting. Scanning and tracking in order to check accuracy ensures proper registration of UID assets. Finally the identification process reaches an analysis and reporting phase, where UID data is submitted to various databases for thorough analysis.

Determining the best solution for UID compliance is a challenging process. Mistakes are costly and can even result in the loss of profitable contracts. If you’re searching for solutions to meet MIL SPEC 129 guidelines, then rely on the experts at Jet City Laser, Inc.

Jet City Laser, Inc is an experienced and diverse systems integrator of industrial identification solutions. ID integration provides both hardware and software solutions; while offering unbiased choices to customers for the best performance UID compliance.

This experienced integrator possesses a wide range of experience fielding MIL SPEC 129 applications and has extensive knowledge of today’s UID requirements. With their support for integrated marking systems, as well as most leading verification, scanning, and database interfacing tools for complete identification solutions, this company offers an unparalleled expertise in Department of Defense marking solutions.

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