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self-differentiating in college!

Just a short silent scream about some of the students here at SLAC - they are so full of drama! It is like they have no idea how to have their own identity and allow someone else (like a roommate) to have theirs as well. One of my students is way upset with her roommate because her roomie turned on the heater last night because it was going to be 48 degrees! But did she tell her roomie that she was hot? NOOOOO! She just turned the heater off, then got mad that her roommate went and turned it back on.

So, then I get this email that she (my student) went back to her room between classes and saw her roommate standing there and asked how she was. The roomie started telling her about this fight with her boyfriend and some other drama going on in her life, and instead of being a friend my student goes and asks for a room change because living with this girl is causing her undue stress.

Did she try to be a friend?
Did she try to talk to her roommate?
Did she allow her roomies drama to seep into her psyche and cause her undue stress - stress that is not even hers????


I told the director of residence life that we needed to have a class for all new students entitled, "This is how to use an "I" statement - How to Deal With Conflict Without Calling Your Parents First."

Ok, rant over.

Strange thing is, I really do love my students. I just see how far they have to go before they graduate!

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