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Puttering Around

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Woo, so glad it's Friday. I have one novel left to read for Blue Heaven, and one more first fifty of another manuscript left to read. Then next week my students start turning in final essays, so there will be those to grade, so I best get on the last manuscripts for the workshop this weekend. I think I'll take Cathy's down to the pub and have a couple of beers while I read her wonderful novel, "The Ferryman's Daughter". It's the sort of story that would go well with beer, I think. One day her book will come out and she will tear all of Neil Gaiman's groupies away from him, and they will raise her up as Queen, and her rule will be both beautiful and terrible! Bwahahahaha. (A little help from Galadriel there).

Other than this, I reread my first fifty pages of One for Sorrow last night, and was pretty pleased. Still some fine tuning needs to be done in there, but I'm positive about it and the rest of the book as well. And as I've state before, I'm not usually so confident in my own writing, in that I've always been able to see what I do badly more easily than what I do well.

I finished a new story yesterday as well. That's four since January. Three novelettes, one short story. Two ghost stories, one science fiction, one surreal little frolic. I have some revisions to do to this new one, so I'll try to get those done before Blue Heaven as well. Thanks go out to Ms. Groppi and her quick reference knowledge of psychologists. Much appreciated! Dr. Kubler-Ross will find her way into the revision.

And thanks also to Kenny, for all that great voodoo html help! We'll see how I do here.

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