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Taking Off
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I'll be leaving tomorrow afternoon for Blue Heaven, so I won't be updating this journal for a while. I've got a ton of stuff to do today to get ready. I'm borrowing my dad's blazer so that I can pick up three people in Cleveland on my way. I'm taking Hobbes the cat over to a friend's to be catsitted for the week. Packing. Running around for last minute items. I hate this sort of thing. And then I just know that tonight I will not be able to sleep. I'm never able to sleep before a travel day.

I have one last class to teach tomorrow morning before I leave. Then I'll take off in the early afternoon. Me, Amber, Roger, Chance and Chance's friend from Clarion, Matt, will be going to see Rasputina play in Cleveland tomorrow night, then journeying the rest of the way to Kelleys Island for the workshop on Saturday morning. We expect Ben to do most of the talking on the way, as we're probably going to be way tired from the concert. ;-)

Then it's a week of critiquing and talking and eating wonderful food made for us by Marvin, the bed and breakfast caretaker! Yay! He's the best cook ever!

Anyway, I'm off to start my errand running. If I can manage to get online on the island, maybe I'll write an entry or two from there. If not, see ya in a week!

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