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Goodbye Without Leaving
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So slowly but surely I am working myself back into working on revisions on the novel. For the past few days, I've been circling it, only doing very minor things, like line edits people provided, and finding and replacing some words I wanted to weed through. I probably can only do this surface sort of revision of the text for another day, and then I'll dive in to the next step, which is adding in a couple of small scenes and asserting a few things that were a little ambiguous and not meant to be (as opposed to the deliberate ambiguity of other things in the book). Really, it's not much work left, but I think I'm sort of spacing it out, because I love these characters and this book, and I just want to have more time to be with them before I move on to the next one.

In other news, I went out last night to buy a few days worth of groceries and came upon a sale on DVDs, so I bought three. The Shipping News, The Hours, and 28 Days Later. Hobbes and I stayed in bed most of the morning and watched The Shipping News. He has an interest in the scenes where the little girl hears the house talking to her, and the director uses some odd very subtle sound effects to sort of stand in for their communications. I did't really notice the noises all that much until Hobbes perked his ears up and half-stood, thinking he could investigate until he realized it's that damned computer screen that always teases him with noises and flashy things he can never actually grab. He doesn't like The Hours, too boring for him, I think. And he hides during 28 Days Later because I think some of the screaming gets to him.

Yes, I find my cat incredibly interesting. Suffer, fools!

In any case, I'm off to run some errands and work out, and then I've got to really start some packing up here in the apartment. I've loved this place so well the past two years. I'm going to miss it. When I tell myself I have to start packing it up, I end up sitting on my bed or in a chair and saying goodbye to everything, but not packing. This will probably continue until a couple of days before I actually have to leave.

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