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Okay okay, this pains me to do it, but after talking to my website designer (Hi, Lisa!) I've decided to move back to blogger. Mainly because I'm having a website built, one all to myself, and blogger allows you to feed into another website, and the journal will just appear there, and since I'm moving to Japan, I'm going to want to put pictures of cool things up on the journal, and blogger allows for that. I was going to learn how to do all sorts of html magic this summer, but since I'm going to Japan now, I'm focusing on doing some quick language study. I studied it for a year in highschool in an experimental language learning class that me and two of the other best language learners in my school were picked for, so I have some basics with me still, but I've totally gotta brush up and rememorize my hiragana and katakana at the very least, and refamiliarize myself with vocabulary. It's weird what I remember. Like hana. That's flower. And hebi, I think that's snake. What the hell is up with that?

Anyway, I love you Jenn and Kenny, and if I weren't so code stupid, I would stay here. You've given me a great spot for the very short amount of time I stayed, so thank you for that.

Okay, back to the original Meditations in an Emergency.

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