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The Friday Stun
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I'm off today since I work the Sat shift tomorrow. Between last night's Laker Shakespearean catastrophe and Russert's shocking, untimely death this morning, I'm walking around in a daze. It's like a kick to the groin that puts you on the floor, followed by a sharp kick to the stomach for good measure.

Right now I'm watching Olbermann try to keep it together on MSNBC. He's barely making eye contact with the camera, like the news is just sinking in emotionally.

On media, as I just wrote Frosty, you don't realize how much better Russert was than all those douchebag partisan cable talking heads until he unfairly drops dead of a heart attack. Our thoughts are with his family, obviously, but my thoughts are also with the looming general election.

Who fills Russert's Meet the Press shoes on such short notice? Who ascends? Chris Matthews?? There was a great NY Times profile of Matthews a few weeks ago that subtly drew a contrast between the two men, and made clear that Russert didn't like Matthews' "circus-like" atmosphere. (Coincidentally, since that piece ran Hardball has started a new "Political Sideshow" segment, complete with carnival music playing in the background.)

Let this day be known as the Friday Stun.

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