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My feet will wander in distant lands, my heart drink its fill at strange fountains, until I forget all desires but the longing for home.

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Lost Job; If Found, Please Call

Have you seen my job?
Last seen less than a month ago.
I wasn't fired, I didn't quit,
I didn't even call in sick (much)
one day I was working,
I looked the other direction for a minute,
and now it's gone.

At first I didn't mind so much. No boss barking, no customers complaining, no more getting up every morning at 7 to feed it.
But the longer it's gone, the more I miss it.

You'll know it's my job because:
...It's there when the bell rings, without fail, and sometimes overtime on Fridays.
...It's those little things nobody notices, that make the finished product work right.
...It's always got some new challenge. The worst ones are the best ones to remember.
...It turns squirrelly youngsters into responsible and competent adults. I was getting pretty good at it, myself.
...It's how we reach out to each other, not in charity but for mutual benefit.
...It puts food on your table, as well as mine.
...It's where we used to meet, like Sesame Street only with real money.

If you find my job, please take good care of it. Call me, and I'll come reclaim it. We miss it terribly.

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