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Nuclear Family
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If these were stacked horizontally instead of vertically, I think Airbus would be onto something.

The news outlets have reminded us that today is the 20th anniversary of the disaster at the Chernobyl nuclear plant, in which the 1,000 ton roof of the facility was blown skyward and the resulting radiation spread over thousands of miles. This crossed my mind during this morning’s brilliantly cloudless drive to work. Cloudless, that is, except for the massive twin plumes of steam that were being spewed by the cooling towers at the Limerick Generating Station. (Note that the word "Nuclear" is delicately not included in the power plant’s name, undoubtedly at the suggestion of their branding company.)

From the website of Exelon, the owner of the plant: "Limerick’s goal is to be a good neighbor and is very active in the local community. The station sponsors several community events." One can only imagine:
1. Kids Glow Up So Fast Workshop: Keeping your children safe in the extremely unlikely, but statistically possible, event of a massive radiation release
2. Three-Legged Races (No Sack Needed!): Fun for the entire irradiated family
3. Evacuation Route Bus Tour – cruise the very same routes that will be congested with stalled traffic during an evacuation
4. Adopt-A-Brick-in-the-Tower – get a tax-deduction and make a contribution to the very expensive ongoing maintenance of the cooling towers!
5. Bed and Breakfast and Bandages – Hosting Radiation Victims in Your Home for Fun and Profit

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