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Bird Flew
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We have barn swallows trying to nest in our garage. When they get too scared by the grinding noise of the garage door openers, they retreat to the front porch and look longingly at the real estate there. Apparently, these are birds that usually nest in colonies, so we should expect extended family members to be joining them soon. Even if they aren't in the garage when I close the doors in the evening, they find some crevice through which to enter and are there in the morning. I've learned not to leave the sunroof of my car open overnight.

The original story about this stated that the woman died en-route and no one noticed. I don't know which is worse.

As part of the debate on the Senate version of the immigration bill, Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) was quoted as asking why the sponsors of this bill couldn't predict the total costs that it would create 20 years into the future. Excuse me? This man belongs to the party that has repeatedly voted to increase spending in Iraq, because no one in the administration or the Pentagon can predict the costs of the war 20 days into the future, much less 20 years??

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