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Red state, blue state, Coke state, pop state
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When I went away to college, it was my first exposure to people from the western part of Pennsylvania. They would ask me what I meant when I wanted a drink of "wooder" and I would look perplexed when they asked for "pop". Here is why.

If I was ambitious enough to write a separate entry about this, it would be titled "Think Globally, Act (Stupidly) Locally". Although I have previously poked fun at the newsletter my township publishes, it pales in comparison to the anti-progress Luddites who are behind this. I'm stunned they know how to use a computer, much less create a (poorly designed) web site.

The biggest surprise out of the Canadian terror investigation? The Canadians have a spy agency! Who knew?!

So. Ann Coulter. What more is there to be said? Other than this from gawker.com:
A translucent Ann Coulter wobbled onto the Today show this morning to promote her new book, Godless: The Church of Liberalism, and it was, as expected, an incredible display of psychopathic screeching. Poor Matt Lauer hasn’t endured this sort of teeth-gnashing since he got “glib” with Tom Cruise. Also, a memo to the Today show producers: 7:15 AM is a little early for you to start serving the bile-flavored hag juice.

And on a lighter note, Kathy Griffin’s response: “Who wears a cocktail dress at 7 in the morning?!”

Bloodless bitch, brainless Bush-apologist, blathering widow-basher, bizarre broad? You decide. When I read about her most recent idiocy, I was shaking with anger. She makes me embarrassed to be a woman. Ann Coulter is a living argument for induced Alzheimer’s.

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