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Just another notch in the bad parent belt
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Caitlin, who is vegan and does most of her own cooking, has been using water from the refrigerator because it comes through a filter rather than our unfiltered, Commie-fluoride-fortified tap water. Yesterday, she was gazing intently at the fridge and you could just about smell the gears meshing.
“Does the filter on this thing have to be changed?”
“Mm-hmm.” (I must have been deeply engaged in reading one of the many blogs that divert my attention from reality.)
“When was the last time it was changed?”
“I don’t know – I can’t remember changing since we’ve been living in this house.”
”How long have we lived here?”
“Six and half years.”
“EEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!! That thing is a haven for bacteria! You people [teenspeak for parental units] are so gross!!”
“So is your problem that, as a vegan, you’re opposed to eating the living bacteria? I could get you the model number of the filter and you can feel free to run over to Home Despot and get a new one. I’m sure with your superior skills and knowledge that you can have it installed in a matter of minutes.”
Not another word about running a halfway house for germs has been breathed.

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