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The PlayDate: A Children’s Parable
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George and Don have a playdate. They have been good friends for a long time and have many playdates. George is the boss and Don is his helper. Sometimes they let Condi and Dick play with them too. After they play they tell other people what to do. They tell mommies and daddies to leave their children and go fight bad people. Sometimes the mommies and daddies get killed and never come home to their children. And the bad people are still bad and never go away.

It’s good to be the boss, isn’t it?

Today’s playdate is different. George does not like Don anymore and has told him to go away. Today George asked Robert-not-Bill to come play. Don is there too, but today George tells Don how many bad, stupid things he has done. George says that Robert-not-Bill is now going to be his friend instead of Don. Robert-not-Bill is smart and will fix the bad, stupid things Don did. Don feels very sad and a little angry too.

It’s not good to be stupid, is it?

Don is not sad for very long. He knows that he can make lots of money by telling people that he was right and everyone else was wrong. He will talk about someone named Colin and say bad words like “wuss” and “pussy”. He will say that the people who live in blue states are dumb and will use more bad words like “cowards” and “liberals”. Don knows he will never have to go fight bad people and not come home.

It’s good to make lots of money, isn’t it?

George is very angry. He wants to win against the bad people. He does not like to lose. His father was a loser and George thinks about that a lot. He wants to win everything. He wants to win, Win, WIN!! Lots of smart people are telling George that he might not win against the bad guys. George needs to think very slowly about every word that the smart people are telling him. He tells them to leave him alone and don’t try to make him go so fast. George is slow, but he likes it that way. George would rather be a slow winner than be right.

It’s good to be a winner, isn’t it?

(Ok, so it’s not a parable but more like a thinly veiled rant, but it’s the thought that counts, right?)

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