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Simple (?) Pleasures
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So okay, do YOU sit around planning what you'll indulge in when you win the lottery/inherit that fortune/get that back payment you're owed? I do. It's not really that fancy. Most of my daydreams involve the hot tub (WHERE we'd put it I dunno, but that's trivial) and my masseuse Jean coming over once a week intead of once a month. Or more but that might be too self-indulgent. Oh, what the hell. Twice a week because it's the only thing I know that helps. Jean's been coming to the house for over 10 years and she's wonderful and talented and we're friends and she's let me pay her scant amounts of money for what she does. So I'd like to put her on retainer.
And cars. That's the shameful day dream right now. Three. The lift-equipped van, the Prius (because I don't always want to deal with the van) and I think Stu would like a PT Cruiser.
And we won't even mention the mundane crap like the cleaning service in every week.
Alas, Jean was coming today but i think I have to cancel so she doesn't get whatever-it-is I seem to have. Whimper and Whine.
So what's your "if I win the lottery?" And no fair solving the hunger problem and bringing about world peace. this is undulgence time.

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