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I'm NOT going to be fair and balanced here, okay? This is a flat out RANT. The 2005 Edgar nominations are out (I've posted 'em up at Deadline News at and I am just flaming off the wall fried to note that SJ Rozan's ABSENT FRIENDS the brilliant, without-a-doubt BEST damn book I readin 2004 was not nominated.

I SAID I wasn't going to be fair here, okay? YES, Shira's a long-time friend but that's not it. Laura's a long-time friend too and I'm happy as the proverbial clam to see her on the list. And YES I know (and Sarah W, who emailed me about this and she's got a point) that ABSENT FRIENDS is not a very traditional mystery nor is it easy to read. I don't CARE. I'm just going to be PISSED AS HELL about this. Period.

Laura's EVERY SECRET THING was neither that traditional nor an easy read, and hallelujah, folks managed, when they could, to read this fantastic book. ABSENT FRIENDS is a knock-out of a novel. It's amazing. I adore it. And I'm not an Edgar juror, nor likely to ever be one, so I cannot possibly understand the stress of trying to pick five books among the hundreds submitted. I KNOW all this (so please don't go explaining it to me or even justifying it. i really DO get it.)
But frankly, I don't CARE. I'm not feeling reasonable. This book should be nominated for everything it can be nominated for.
And while we're at it, notice something off about the "best first' and "best paperback original" categories? But never MIND that now.

None of the books on MY "best of 2004" list for either best mystery novel or best first made it. Imagine my surprise. No, i'm not always this bad, this cynical or this flaming - after all, EVERY SECRET THING was my top mystery pick of 2003. This, however, is a fuckin' outrage.

Thank you. You may now return to your lives already in progress.

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