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It's Raining Books!
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I just mentioned to Stu what a thrill it's been lately that books have been arriving on the doorstep. I'm not sure what I did - which incense burner worked best - but after writing reviews since December, 1999, I'm suddenly getting books to review on a VERY regular, no-begging required basis. And I'm SO very grateful and happy about it. Truly the more books I get, the more likely it is that I'll find something worthy of review. Yes, I currently have more than I can cover but happily, while two websites I write for have specific deadlines, two do not, allowing me to send in a review when it's done.

Having several books to chose from also helps because I don't feel trapped; what I mean is if I have one book that was sent and darn, I really should at least try it and I'm really not in the mood for that sort of book, it's less likely it'll rise to the top of the pile. But if I have several to chose from, if, say I've just gratified my greedy need to read a book I just KNOW I'll like (say by a favorite, familiar author so it's more likely to get a positive look) then I can take a break and say "ok, let's try something new." Funny that having more books makes reviewing easier.

Of course, getting my butt in gear to actually write the review? That can be tougher. At times, it just comes, and poof, I finish the book, I sit down, and the review arrives at the tip of my fingers (we hope it's made a side trip to the brain first, mind you). Other times, I have no clue how to start, or what to say, or DUH, I read it and didn't write it up and don't remember enough about it and gotta read it again. Not the worst thing either - when I like a book, I usually like rereading it and often find something else on reread. This is a GOOD quality for a reviewer to have, I think.

But the joke in recent days was an anguished "hey, where's today's books?" because for several days I got more than one book delivered. And okay, so yesterday, only one package arrived. But it was a beaut (Harley Jane Kozak's new one). So today, I get home and Stu says "sorry honey, you only got three books today." And then the UPS truck arrived; with three more. (insert graphic of Andi doing the Happy Hedgehog Hog here.)

Of course, ONE of today's sterling items was not a review copy but an actual, GASP, purchase. Of a book Sort of. Yes folks, Travis Tea's ATLANTA NIGHTS has arrived. And yes, it's bad. It's really really really REALLY bad. I'm so happy. More on that as I can stand it.

So like anyway, THANK you to the editors and the publicists who take me seriously. And to the authors to tell the editors and publicists "send this woman a copy of my book". And to the OTHER editors who want my reviews. It's more than just fun for me. To have books, to KNOW that there are books in this house that I haven't read yet? It helps me stay sane. It's the world's biggest comfort blanket for me. For those days I can't DO anything else. For those days I can't deal with the world, can't maybe get out and some fuckwit has once again snuck in, stolen my pain pills and substituted candy pills (hey, you KNOW it happens), having an unread book in the house is the biggest shiniest great thing.

And, since I'm on day two of horrible hellish Cornelia withdrawal (Cornelia is away and our usual dozen or so emails a day cannot happen), I need all the help I can get. She better be having fun. Dammit.

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