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Disability and the Jokesters
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I swear to you I DO try to be patient with people, but time goes on, I get really tired of "well-meaning" people. It does count in their favor, somewhat, that they mean well, but I am SO sick of har-de-har jokes about my scooter. I am REALLY tired of strangers trying to relate to me by offering me some totally stupid, insensitive or tired line.

I accept lots of crip humor - primarily from other crips, but not necessarily. Lots of you get it and there's no quiz you gotta take. But dear christonacrutch....

I'm heading out a while ago, on the scooter on my way to the bank before it closes and a stranger is walking by. And she says "boy, I could use one of those when I go up the hill." (we live at the top of a fairly steep hill).

Jesus, i do NOT want to hear that. I've tried being patient with people and i just cannot stand it anymore. Or understand it any more. It's NOT amusing to hear "speeding ticket" jokes. The damn thing goes five miles an hour at its best, and it's not AT its best because the whole thing is dying and I won't be able to afford a new one for a while. And no, it's not the batteries. I do NOT want to hear "race car" jokes. I do NOT want to hear jokes about how "fast" I go.

I use my scooter because I cannot WALK. Why do strangers think it's okay to say "oooo, I want that!" because they think it's funny or charming or amusing. I cannot WALK therefore I rely on an assistive device; you can't get one without a prescription. This isn't a fun toy. Why is it okay to make it sound like I'm just a lazy bitch who doesn't WANT to walk up the hill? Why is it okay to say "I need one of those" because gosh, walking is HARD.

Yeah it is. And no, I'm not talking about people who've approached me to ask about the scooter, seriously because they need one or their mom needs one or their son needs one. I'm talking about the fairly obviously able-bodied who constantly, everlastingly "joke" about how they want my scooter. And yes, I've taken to saying "well, I'd like to be able to walk" because I just have lost what little patience I ever had.

So how much weight do we give to someone because they mean well?

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