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Ten Things I've Done
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This one Keith Snyder's fault - his blog had it and I followed it around. It's FUN.

Ten Things I've Done Which You Probably Haven't (there's a MAJOR catch about this meme which will be explained in a day or so - you're welcome to try to guess it and if you do, we'll figure out the appropriate prize).

1) Have circumnavigated the globe, throwing up in most of the world's major airports.

2) Received a MA in Criminal Justice

3) Have eaten ostrich, rattlesnake (fresh and canned), elephant (canned), yak, yak cheese, elk, alligator, water buffalo, gefilte fish and SPAM.

4) Was thrown out of the Social Register.

5) Have one and a half tattoos.

6) Received a wedding present from Isaac Asimov (and had a wedding cake that boasted four plastic rocket ships)

7) Played kazoo with a friend outside Oakland Planned Parenthood to block out the anti-abortion activists. After they left, got into car with friend, SCREAMED ourselves hoarse, and went to eat at great brunch restaurant. Did NOT have the spam omelet.

8) Went to kindergarten in three states: New York, California, and Hawaii. In the same year.

9) Appeared on a television quiz show while in sixth grade

10) Spent 3 days in a gym in northern California with 550 other women, under arrest for "jaywalking"

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