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I adore the fact that there are people out there (hi you!) who want to read what I have to say so I've been a wee tad guilt-ridden for having posting nothing here for several days.

It's been a whine-filled week and it's only what, Thursday? Oh thank god, we got to Thursday. But knowing that I have filled these pages with whines about what's wrong with me and whines about how the world treats me, I thought I'd try and take a break until something better came along. So while it's still being a week full of snark, a couple things to note:

a) Louise's official book release date is June 20; the official party is at Book Passage on June 18. Go to and check for appearances and tell her I sent you. Or don't, that's okay too but go. I'll see her when she's in Seattle at the end of the month and she can report on how you did.

b) It's the month of L visits in the mystery world. If all goes well, I'll see Louise after I've gotten to see Laura and Lee. Cute, huh?

c) I went to look up one of my conditions on the internet and we had a spit-take moment, I admit. Not that it's a fun thing, but it's what we're investigating right now. I've had protrusio acetabular for 14 years or so but lately it seems to have gotten worse so I thought I'd educate myself a bit more. So I type it into google and the first page to come up is "Wheeless' Textbook of Orthopaedics". Wheeless. Now Give Me a Break. (so to speak). I don't make this stuff UP you know.

d) Stu and I are hoping to go a-wandering to the Farmer's Market on Saturday. My mouth is already really happy at this idea.

e) I sold a book on the other day to someone who apparently is a contact person for the National Association of Old Coots. Right on! This engendered email discussion among several of us as to the differences between coots and geezers, alte kockers and old pharts and wondering if there are age requirements for each or if it's more a matter of style and crotchetedness. Crotcheditity?

f) Some books are worth reading twice in a short time. Some books really don't deserve to be read once, even if they have a noble intention. See what kind of week I'm having?

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