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Oh Woe, part duh
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I like serendipity - I like when it happens and I like the word itself. So when a fanzine arrived yesterday and I saw this comment, I thought about serendipity.

In a short piece in this zine, the writer talks about the idea of "the Hero's Journey" saying in part,

"My ten year old reads science fiction and fantasy. His inner critic however is growing restless. 'Nobody ever writes anyting new,' says he. 'I'm tired of the Federation and the Empire and the Sprawl and the Smoke. I'm tired of Foundation and of wizards and of magic and of swords and I'm really, really tired of trolls.' "

This showed up in our house two days after I posted about how bored I was getting with much of what I'm seeing in my mailbox. I said in part "I'm having trouble with too many queens and sagas and quests. And terrible dangers and Magick, and dragonlords and clans (oh SO many clans) and empires (lots of empires) and Lords (sans dragons)" which strikes me as not at all unlike what this man's ten year old reader said and it was both a little sad, that we both felt that way, but reassuring that I'm not completely alone in this feeling that there's a bit too much of this whatever-it-is out there for some of us readers, whether young and enthusiastic or old and a little tired.

Now of course i have to go back and read the entire zine article (and yeah the rest of the zine) but i just wanted to put this out there.

Oh yeah and Terry Pratchett's trolls don't count.

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