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Emmy Mini-Rant
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It's not a real big deal, and I have very little reason/rhyme/right to whine about the Emmy nominations. I mean, we don't get HBO or Showtime so a) I have no idea what half the shows are that are nominated (I still think it's iffy that cable shows and network get the same awards, since so many people cannot afford cable television, but I know, the Emmy Awards aren't for us, they're "peer awards" and all that. Hmph. I'm not big on those either, but there are no real good "popular" television award equivalents to the Emmies - I mean sheesh, the "People's Choice Awards"? Dear gods - I think they give the movie thing to Tom Cruise every year no matter if he's been in a movie or if it's a movie with giant bugs or what. It's not exactly something worthwhile. And of course the addition of "reality shows" hasn't exactly raised the level either, though I note there are more categories for "reality" crap - one is the competition shows and one is well, I see "Antiques Roadshow" is nominated so what the heck (in a category where they're up against, among others, Penn and Teller.) Oookay.

And for personal reasons, though I can't get it/don't watch it , I'm happy there's a nomination for "The Wire" for a story by David Simon and George Pelecanos. I won't go into some of the bad shows that got writing awards. And there are some rules I'm not clear on, like how long a show has to be on or how many episodes there are in a given season for it to be eligible so I'm hoping that's the reason that there was not a single nomination for the show "Numb3rs". Am I the only person who's impressed by the acting in this show? By the writing that shows some of the most interesting relationships on tv? Okay, never MIND that David Krumholtz is oooo, so dreamy (oops, did I say that out loud?) but Rob Morrow and Judd Hirsch and the supporting cast are terrific. There's some damn good stuff here. Okay, maybe it's just me. (and I'm sorry, but there really should be a category for "best house on a television show" for the gorgeous craftsman house in "Numb3rs".)

And I dunno, but a year without Allison Janney being nominated (the only "west Wing actors nominated are Stockard Channing and Alan Alda. The show might have gone downhill for some folks, but I still think John Spencer does a superb job. And I think Janney's been excellent this year.)

But "Desperate Housewives" got nominated out the yingyang. I watched I think 3 episodes before tiring of its mildly cute soap opera cattiness. Felicity Huffman is so wasted on a show like that. Sure I'm glad she's working. I just wish it were on one of the rare shows I'll actually sit down and watch.

Hmph. Harumph. Here endeth small rant.

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