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Not too spiffy

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A real quick mish-mosh of news and views right now. CJ Songer's reporting that Barb is holding her own; they're trying to rid her system of rejection antigens (I'll send the detailed explanation if you email me but am not up to it right now), her color remains good and there's hope.

Stu just came to tell me that CNN just ran an obit for actor Jimmy Doohan. He was 85, had been dealing with Alzheimer's. Those of you who watch Aaron Brown's NewsNight may know that he ends the show with a reading of tomorrow's headlines, and the last thing is the Chicago weather from the Sun-Times, introduced by a chime. Stu says tonight they substituted the sound of the Enterprise transporter. Awww, thanks guys!

I didn't know any of the actors well, although I worked on and co-chaired a few Trek cons, but Jimmy had a super reputation for being easy to deal with. My favorite, the one I got to know because he made an effort to connect with the volunteers was the wonderful George Takei. Mostly good people, a few deserved the cream pies that got thrown at them (but I'm not mentioning William Shatner's name). (But I was there.)

My hip has gone BLOOEY again and I'm back on crutches and really unhappy. I'm going to see if I can get another injection but I think it's too early to risk it. I'm in not QUITE the pain I was in in April when this happened last, but I'm having a very tough time getting around. Good thing I had a few Percodan left.

And okay, I guess I'm a reviewer. Today's mail brought 2 packages for Stu, for a total of 3 books (but one was by Newt Gingrich so we figure the other 2 better balance it off) and er….15 books for me. One of which was a duplicate of one Stu got. Go figure. Fifteen. I had a hell of a time just getting them in the house given that bending, carrying, all that jazz while on crutches and with hip pain on a scale of, say at times 9 out of 10, was going on. I AM getting relief when I lie down and don't move, somewhat, although that has its own difficulties.

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