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First things First - Katrina donations (updated)
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Latest additions are between *s -

**I've completely pulled the site about the bracelet and in fact have reported the site TO the REd Cross. I sent a request to the website for clarification on whether they were legit; after over 48 hours not hearing back I found emali for the Red Cross, apologized for cluttering things up (they've gotten over 20,000 emails this week) but wanted them to know about the potential theft (well, whatever you call it when someone pretends to be collecting for a cause but isn't); they already wrote back with thanks and told me their sending on the info to an investigator in their legal department. Now THAT feels like my good deed for the day, I tell you.**

**Here's a really cool one I found on MJ Rose's blog - it's about kids, it's about books. I remember years ago when Stu's employer did something similar for earthquake victims; it felt silly but GOOD to be going to the store for toothbrushes and washcloths. I like practical but I like the other stuff too. As the song goes "give us bread but give us roses too".

If you can't do ANY of these things now, maybe you in a month or two, they'll still need it. The kids will be needing long-sleeved clothes, another new book, another toy.

**Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators to Donate Comfort Kits to Children at Shelters -- The SCBWI will be assembling Comfort Kits for children who have been displaced by Hurricane Katrina. Each kit will contain: 2 Books 1 Flashlight 1 Toothbrush & Toothpaste Set 1 NEW Toy or Stuffed Animal. Kits for children ages 3 to 8 will have picture books (hard or soft cover) and a small stuffed animal. Kits for children ages 8 to 12 will have chapter books/novels (hard or soft cover) and an age-appropriate non-electronic toy.

If you would like to contribute, we are asking that you donate new or like-new books (hard or soft cover) and NEW toys or stuffed animals. The SCBWI will provide the tote bags, toothbrush sets, and flashlights.

Send items to arrive BEFORE September 25th to:
SCBWI Hurricane Help 8271 Beverly Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90048
If you would rather contribute money, please make a check out to "SCBWI Katrina Relief Fund" and mail to the address above -- we will use it to purchase the necessary items. A $15 donation will sponsor one Comfort Kit.**

*Here's a new GREAT informative site that rates tons of charities and has a long list of really good ones (where you know the money will be used wisely); One of their 4 star charities is NW Medical Teams - which I used to give to, stopped because they're religious, but I might change my mind again. They're good people and when I wrote to say why I was withdrawing my support, I got a gracious and understanding reply, which assured me they do no proselytizing, they just help. I believe them.*

*Charity Navigator also rates the PetsMart charities highly, for those interested in that angle on this disaster.*

*Thanks to musician Laurie Lewis who sent this on with the email about her benefit concerts that she and Tom Rozum will be doing in CA for Katrina victims.*

Most of you know how to find stuff; I sent to Second Harvest's link on CNN last week as I know their work feeding people and I figured the website would be less busy.

See Vicki Hinze's really fine site; begun as an "author check in" but with ideas for where to send books, author financial assistance, contests to raise money by romance writers (I think it said, I read quickly) and more
go to

LA Library Association - long term planning for public, school, academic and all forms of libraries will accept donations. See the notice on their home page and they TOO have a long list of links for assistance if you follow too - from animal rescue to the state parks ("fees waived through September") where displaced folks might stay.

If you hear of one that appeals, let me know. We all are affected by different things and everyone's creativity and ideas in how to help should be encouraged and disseminated. I currently wear four boingy bracelets on my left arm; I could wear 5 or 6.

We all know how to use the net, but everyone's hearing slightly different things and for everyone whose pet cause or charity is the environment, or kids, or pets, or radio or...well, pass it on. Every cent will help long and short term, Hell, I just went to google and there's a donation link.

The local revival theater is offering showings of "The Big Easy" - $10, it all goes to the Red Cross.

First Book (one of my bracelets and a pet cause - see below at "Give Free Books" - collect the entire set of donation sites - buy something cool, special deal on one cent shipping today, 9/5) is doing "every $5 donated will be matched by a book donation to a child in an affected area." The Hunger Site links to Mercy Corps - not my fave, I'm not big on religious-connected charities but yes, I KNOW they all do good work.)

Let's go folks. If you haven't, find something cool. If you have, thank you. Again and again. Thanks.

I'll be back later to talk about Bouchercon.

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