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Honey, I'm Home - Bcon pt 2.5
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Mostly Giggly

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Bcon report 2.5 - because I was waiting for permission to quote someone and because the mail came late today. Warning - there is a VERY naughty word here.

I didn't get to bring these buttons which I'd hoped to bring to Bcon. They arrived today instead (but no books came today! Harumph! I shall have to write a letter to the Times.)
But for your amusement….

I bought several of these as I suspect once some of my friends see Stu or me wearing it, they'll want one of their own, a button that simply reads

Ooooh, SHINY!

There's ONE serious one which reads

The danger to political dissent is acute where the government attempts to act under so vague a concept as to protect domestic security. - Supreme Court quote that the Justice Dept. tried to censor (see for details)

Now the rest for laughs

I'm blogging this (the one I REALLY wanted for Bouchercon)

My idea of heaven is a library with dim sum service


Come To The Dark Side, We Have Cookies

It's the new millennium. Where's my flying car that folds up into a suitcase?


And two which I bought as a small token "thank you" for the two guys at who recently helped us deal with Qwest, set up the DSL and who are just everything you want in computer customer assistance; one button that reads

Rule 1) Is it plugged in?
Rule 2) No really. Is it plugged in?
Rule 3) Seriously, get on the floor and check. Is it really plugged in?

And a second which has a rule 4 appended which reads "Now, what about the switch on the back?"

Now the story/quote which I didn't include in part 2:

I had a rather emotional reaction on Saturday night to news of one of the awards. Cornelia and I didn't go to the banquet, and when we got back, and found folks starting to return we saw Harley, and she was talking with someone so she and I did this sort of eyebrow thing where I wiggled "did you win?" and she wiggled back "yes" that she'd won the Anthony for best first. I honestly wasn't expecting my reaction, but here's part of Harley's email to me today:

"Your reaction ('MotherFUCKER!') to my Anthony was my absolute hands-down favorite moment of Bouchercon. I was too stressed to truly enjoy the preceding moments, but you brought me to my celebratory senses. Thank you."

I have to add that she also told me, as I hugged her and cried "you remind me of my mother" and then made it EVER so much more confusing by telling me that "but she's been dead several years". SNORT.

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