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Most months I make the same tired joke to Stu on the first that it’s “XX Fool’s Day” so ahem, say it with me “Happy October Fool’s Day”.

And yes, when I awoke at some point this morning I did say “rabbit, rabbit” so we’ll see.

But a quick viewing of our friend the internet shows that today is World Vegetarian Day.

So um, eat a squash for happy? (heh, heh, still got zucchini coming in, huh?) Um, there’s all sort of ways to go here. Had I but known, I would have gotten the ingredients for my fantastic lasagna and prepared it for dinner (not vegan, it uses cheese. Lots of cheese) but hey, it’s veggie. And it’s really good.

Thinking ahead, October 2 commemorates the birthday of the great Mahatma Gandhi so give a thought to him tomorrow.

I found one website that listed the humongous number of holidays and observances In October and I’ll offer you some of my faves.

October is apparently Pasta Month. (ok, EVERY month is pasta month chez roscoe but never mind)

It’s Book Month (ok, EVERY month….see a pattern here?) according to the National Book Foundation but the website says nothing about 2005. Still, like we NEED to be told? And MWA says it’s “Kids Love A Mystery Month”. I think the biggest mystery there is this month would be “who in the wolrd would still give out candy CORN for Halloween”?

It’s allegedly “Pickled Pepper Month”. Who knew?

It’s Sarcastic Awareness Month. Yeah, right. No comment.

It’s Dinosaur Month, Country Music Month, Kitchen & Bath Month (they need a MONTH?) and International Drum Month.

Some week long observances to ponder include School Lunch Week (WHAT???), Food Bank Week (3d week), Wolf Awareness Week (cool! also the 3rd week, go see and Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week (4th week) . Oh right, yeah

In some of the categories that matter it’s “Disability Awareness Month” (so be aware, be VERY aware), Domestic Violence Awareness Month (consider a donation to the shelter of your choice, if you’re not burned out with donations to everything, Katrina, Rita, food banks – remember, it’s getting cold out, but don’t forget “food bank week”), Lupus Awareness Month (I bet ya you do know someone with lupus

And finally, oh, gods, it’s CARAMEL MONTH! This according the calendar from the National Confectioners Association. And aren’t you sorry you missed “National White Chocolate Day” on Sep. 22? (I just saved THAT website, lemme tell ya!)

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