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An actual funny idea from a college kid
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Okay look, it’s condescending as hell what I said but the website is and deliberately works on that level. Sort of what I think of as the “daily show level” when the boys have had too many whatever-Rob-
Corddry drinks. Lots of ball/beaver/snot/puke jokes. I’m getting SO tired of that lot – Jon Stewart rocks but the boys’ club is getting really annoying. Lots of “people doing stupid things isn’t that SO funny” humor. Jokes about peoples’ accents or names. BLEAH

So I read about it in the NYT and went to see if anything there was as amusing as THEY thought it was and hats off to Melanie Ethand who posted a few days ago about “theme parties”

“Everybody Gloves/Raymond - Everyone has to either wear gloves or dress as 1940's mystery novelist Raymond Chandler or contemporary short-story author Raymond Carver. This one can get PRETTY CRAZY.”

I’m SO in love with the idea of this.

“Let Them Heat Cake, a.k.a. "Bake Not, Want Not." When guests show up for the party, make sure the cake is conspicuously absent. Guests will likely say, "Hey, where's the cake?" Tell them it's in the kitchen; they just need to put it in the oven. While they're gone baking, move the party to a different house. You don't need selfish”

The catch is that my friends would just STAY in the kitchen – the whole party would end up there. That’s how parties ARE, people end up in the smallest room that isn’t the bathroom ALL standing up. The living room where you cleaned for DAYS and has ALL those things to sit DOWN on, is empty and you’re sitting there by the cashews – which you bought for all your friends – all alone.

She’s also got points for the name “oh how the mighty have stalin” - come as your favorite historical dictator. Points for being a college student who knows who Stalin is anyway (I know that’s snotty, but it’s what people my age are supposed to say, right? I don’t know any college students but after hearing that the test audiences for “Good Night, and Good Luck” didn’t know who Edward R Murrow was and weren’t sure about McCarthy….

The rest of her stuff is sort of well The rest looked pretty er, sopohomoric (she’s a junior, I think) .“see, I’m really hot even though I’m from a farm” and the stuff on the other page I went was mostly college boys telling her she’s hot and she should call if she ever comes to [fill in the state where they are] so I quit soon after that but these two were sorta worth the giggle.

So anyway, here’s Melanie – even if “Eau Claire” her alleged home town does NOT have a hyphen in it, and her bio does….

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