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Moon in Ca-ca for Fall
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It’s not a phase of the moon that comes around too often – it’s like a blue moon, I think. Once or twice a year. There was one in April. There’s one now.

Jesus what a week. It’s been a misery physically and that means tiring/exhausting and in just about every other way. HUGE ISP problems which led me to spend way too much time dealing with email and spam; problems communicating with the world in things like customer service emails which reply to a question you never sent, or a letter saying “thanks for signing up for this” which should have arrived three months ago, or five YEARS ago. Literally - an email from welcoming us; we've been there since 1999. Emails from someone who sounds like he’s a protocol droid set on “I am new to your galaxy”. Things are not working for me - the computer is sticking out its tongue regularly and websites that are supposed to provide help aren't.

I’ve got one shoulder that’s such a bitch this week while my hands decided to go on strike most of the week which means I’ve been using my teeth to open things. I’ve had a couple nights of no sleep – or rather slept for like 3 hours total.

It’s annoying to hellish to feel helpless. In the store the other day I managed, while writing a check, to drop SOMEthing four times; four. The pen, then the packet of checks, then the check register, then the check book itself. I felt like Avner the Eccentric doing that clown shtick where he drops one thing, picks it up, drops another? Except I wasn’t on stage, I’m not a clown or mime, and Avner’ s WAY more talented. If you don’t know Avner, go look at his web page (what else? If you ever saw “The Jewel of the Nile”, he’s The Jewel.

Yesterday was that walkathon Sue Feder would have done in Baltimore and I swore I’d remember it. Sasha Cohen’s out of Skate America and I’m not sure I want to spend too much time dealing with “Shut Up Dick” to watch Emily Hughes or Tim Goebel’s crashing and burning. And Stephen Colbert is not nearly as funny as he thinks it is and I’m dead ass tired of the concept of “balls” as humor.


And I give great thanks to my buddy Michael Allen Dymmoch, who passed along with the suggestion to be SURE to zoom in all the way, and to whoever passed along this one -

Dear GODS I’m SUCH a mess.

Oh but I should mention. Stu came home after an outing with his Wodehousian friends having stopped at the Market (Pike Place, the only Market in town really) and bought me a huge armload of dahlia. Did I mention I have this really really nice guy who I get to hang around with who looks after me? It helps. I'm STILL a mess, but I'm a mess who's got pretty flowers.

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