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Memo to Self - SCREEN CALLS
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It's October 25. That's fourteen days until the November election.

The phone has rung twice in the past 15 minutes. I have to get up from here to WALK to the phone to answer it. We do not have cell phones and I do not have a phone in this room (although I just grabbed the portable one).

I am FLAMING GODDAM SICK TO DEATH of recordings from total bloody STRANGERS telling me who they are and what I should vote for.

The first was some teacher. The second one was from some damn athlete with the Seahawks - I swear to god. Is that the football team here? LIKE I CARE?

This stupid revolting tedious trend of recorded announcements SUCKS HUGE MONSTROUS DISEASED FROGS. I have trouble WALKING you little pricks and every time I get up to answer the phone, it had BETTER matter. I do not take voting advice from strangers. I do not accept recorded messages from bozos who are supposedly important because they wear helmets and shoulder pads.

For the next two weeks, I'm gonna have to screen the incoming telehone calls. I don't like doing that. It's rude. Sometimes I do it by accident -I can't always get to the phone before the machine picks up. I don't get that many calls and i don't always carry the phone around with me.

Last month it was spam - yes I got EMAIL from a total friggin stranger addressing me as "Andi" and telling me how to vote for an initiative. I sent a reply screaming at her. AND I had to "unsubscribe" from some website that I never WENT TO to stop getting more of same. Funny thing, she hasn't written to apologize. And she is apparently the former head of a huge advocacy organization. You'd think they'd get issues of privacy, huh?

Dammit. This sucks and I'm tired of rudeness. And I'm tired of the assumptions that We the PEOPLE who are expecting privacy and quiet, who do not want to hear your life story or your business deal while we're at the cafe, and who do not give a flying fuck that you support some measure when you are a total stranger to me - why we are the ones at fault who have to do all the defending. that we have to wear the headphones to block out the cell phone callers when we try to go somewhere and relax, that we want to answer the phone and have a real person on it, or at least get a message we expected/requested. And that we have to unsubscribe from some friggin website we never "subscribed" to to begin with.

And i don't like being made into a curmudgeon by these rude shits who devise these revolting campaigns. My wish is that every one of these people who taped one of these ads, devised one of these ads or sent one of these emails, wake up tomorrow morning and have one day where they get to feel like me. And then have their phone ring every 15 minutes with a recorded announcement.

And Robert Redford? That includes you for doing it to me during a recent election.

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