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It Had to Happen
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Okay well, the first one is simply my eyes providing other text for what is actually there but it’s happened twice now. Once in the store, looking at the product and once today, looking at an ad. It’s a doll. It’s a Barbie called “Cali Girl”.

Okay, hands up!!! How many people other than me read “Cali” as something else? Anyone? Please don’t tell me I’m the only one out here with a warped mind. I really thought “well, it was just a matter of time. She’s had all these OTHER jobs, right?”

Then there’s this, courtesy of the local newspaper put out by the Phinney Neighborhood Association.

Caption on a photo in the Holiday, 2005 edition. In full.

“Longtime soup kitchen volunteers (left to right) Marie Stephens, Janet Recher, Anne Hopper, Anna Falck and Ida Hamilton serve lunch every Wednesday at the PNA soup kitchen at St. John Untied Lutheran Church.”

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