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In the history of things, it’s not that important. I mean the Senate today voted to NOT to renew the Patriot Act which is FAR more important to our lives and our futures. It’s a vote I didn’t have a clue about – did not expect it to go that way and so when I snuck over to just now, was amazed. And then I went and saw the other headline. And well, DAMMIT. John Spencer died today.

As I say, the Patriot Act really matters. Lots of stuff matters more but…well, dammit this sucks.. This won’t mean much if you aren’t familiar with “West Wing”, although if you were a big “LA Law” watcher back in the 80s, you know who I’m talking about. He did a fair amount of quality work. But John Spencer died of a heart attack today at the age of only 58. He was without a doubt, one of the finest talents on television, which might be damning with faint praise.

Spencer played Leo McGarry, former White House Chief of Staff and vice presidential candidate to Jimmy Smits’ Matt Santos. He was brilliant in the role, expanding it and giving it meaning and making Leo McGarry real, flawed and brilliant. Spencer won an Emmy for his work in 2002 and I really believed he deserved another for his work. It’s a great ensemble cast, no doubt, but Leo ROCKED the house.

The AP story that says Spencer would have turned 59 next week (Dec. 20), It reports that like Leo McGarry, Spencer was a recovering alcoholic, which I thought showed in the depth of understanding he gave his part. The guy was just amazing. And I am SO going to miss him. Damn damn DAMN.

John Spencer
Dec. 20, 1946 - Dec. 16, 2005

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