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International Cute Alert!
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This is not the sort of blog where all that often I promote someone's work. not ALL that often. I do on occasion rave, orrrr, well, yeah, rant about a book, because I'm a reader and a reviewer and books are sacred to me. Without books, i'd have been a goner a long time ago.

As many of you know if you've actually hung out with me, I also have this thing about cute. I do have my limits honest I do. But yes, I do carry a little stuffed monkey around with me almost everywhere. Almost all the fuzzy toys in the house have names. Our number one alpha gorilla, Murray, has even appeared on our holiday card from time to time (Murray gorilla to you too!) They are comforting. they are cute as heck.

In Seattle's Greenwood "We still don't have an identity but we're working on it" neighborhood where we have lived for 20 years. we have a PAWS shelter that offers cats and kittens for adoption. I've been heard to say, more than once, that that storefront has saved me hundreds if not thousands of dollars in therapy bills. The studies about folks being around animals seem to bear out for me; I swear my blood pressure drops, the impending headache eases and i can simply cope better after watching kittens in the window.

All of this leads up to my offering for today. Thanks to my terrific friend Vonda N MacIntyre. I got a sneak peak at a publication that has everything. Suspense! Intrigue! Silly jokes!! And cute kittens.

Am I right? Everything, right?

INTERNATIONAL KITTENS OF MYSTERY has it all. The secrets of training kittens to become international superspies. The gadgetry, the secret knowledge (the power of cute) the combat practice, the mice.

There's currently an excerpt over at Bookviewcafe:

If you don't like or I can has Cheezburger/lolcats, this is not for you. If you know what those are I'm guessing you're ready for the INTERNATIONAL KITTENS OF MYSTERY.

It's definitely one of the best thrillers of the year. It's unputdownable. Okay,not really since it's on your screen. It's a brilliant peek into those secret places where they plot to save the world (from alien sheep?) (well, yeah.)

Waring: If your "twee" alarm goes off after, say, five pictures of really adorable kittens, you might need to turn it off while you peruse INTERNATIONAL KITTENS OF MYSTERY.

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