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Sleeping on Your Side of the bed
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Do you habitually have your side of the bed? If you sleep in a bed that is bigger than a traditional one-person bed, have you always slept onthat side? I am guessing most of us have done so. There is probably a reason, or five,that we choose that side. It's nearer the door/farther from the door. Nearer the heat/the window. The light falls better when you read. You tend to sleep on thatside. Your feng shui consultant advises it.

I just changed sides. For as long as there has been a bed with space in it in my life, since, what, my 20s? I've slept on that side, And last night, for the first time in 40-mumble years, I slept on the other side. Weird. Weird, weird, weird.

I have several reasons for trying this, which range from "more floor space on this side" to "closer to the door/wheelchair" to "farther from the radiator so I won't accidentally throw something off the bed onto the heat source" (!). However, given the multiplicity of things what go sproing on me, it meant facing what I think of as the wrong way - facing, when I turn on my side, as I must do, to sleep, I'm facing the center of the bed and that screams "wrong". Although I'm not sure why. But I cannot sleep on one side - pain wakes me up, not matter how yummy it feels at the start - and by the time I fidget with pillows and all that to sleep on my back, well, hell,it's time to get up and go pee so let's just skip it.

One thing I noted, which makes sense is that this side is higher. This is the bed I shared with someone. But the reality is that Stu did not sleep on his side of this bed since, well, almost four years now, since June of 2012. I know that we flipped the mattress once or twice but I haven't in a very long time. So this side is almost, as you will, "unused".

There are lots of things to work out. Who knew? Reaching with my other hand, the light from that angle, what do I really need within reach at night. If I believed in the spirit, I bet it would feel weird and different and perhaps comforting. It feels....sturdier. Ever tried this? How did it work for you?

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