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Liberty's Moving
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Sorry - the subject line is a throw-away from "The American President". But it is about moving. As you might have seen, this fabulous blog host - is going away after providing 15 years of service - eleven since I began blogging. I will miss it because I know it, it's simple, it's home.

On advice, I've moved to You will find me at Right now basic b&w no special namesor headers or links or nuttin. I hope to get to that real soon. Anyone who's used Worpress please advise me! I am paying for the site for a personal blog but you know how I've been about making decisions. Aiiiiieeeee!

I hope I see you there. It's been an enormous, hard-to-describe wonder at how well this whole t blogging thang has worked out. Please join me as I travel the very scary steep, graveled goat paths of wordpress to a safe haven, walkways strewn with herbs, ramp up into the place, coffee on the stove, cookies in the basket

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