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fingers crossed

okay, haven't been around in awhile. i've had some NASTY personal unpleasant stuff going on. i'm not a drama queen at all and hopefully i just got rid of the majority of my drama. damn, i mean one thing after another...really

tomorrow morning we head up to raleigh to the college z wants to attend for his admissions interview.

fingers crossed it will all work out(ability aside, money is the biggest issue). it almost didn't, thanks to the ex-resident drama queen, but we worked things out (which is likely to cost the iceback and i our really, you don't understand, but we do for our children what we must, eh?) and a raleighing we will go early in the a.m..

damn, (double damn) i'm so proud of our son. a year ago i really had doubts (tho i KNEW he had the ability) he would pull it altogether but i think maybe he is the one person i won't have to worry about (too hard anyway, cuz, damn, i have some worrying genes now...damn those worrying genes)the last several weeks we've really done some talking and i think out of all of us, he has it figured out, which is more than i can say for his father and i (and much sooner in life or even than all his friends)

maybe some day, i'll get a hell of a parenting book out of this (tho we really failed with the girl, REALLY FAILED WITH THE GIRL, so maybe it will be a boying parent book)

fingers crossed, but i'm not really all that concerned cuz (yeah, i'll say it) our kid is the SHIT and i'm SO proud of him for how far he has come along in life and i know there are so many things we did right.


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