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news of the weird or you can't make this crap up

our local news says this story is generating talk around the country...dunno 'bout that but...names have been changed to protect the, well, stupid...

mr. a goes to an auction where he purchases a nifty smoker (cuz they love their eastern carolina bbq down here now ya'll). he takes the smoker home and when he opens it up, he finds a human leg. fearing that a dastardly deed has been perpetrated on some unfortunate soul, he contacts the police who promptly come and relieve him of the leg to investigate.

as it turns out, the leg belongs to mr. b, who, because of not paying his storage unit rent, found all his prized possessions sold at auction to pay off his debt. it was truly his leg that he lost in a plane accident years ago. he had kept the leg because when he dies, he wants his leg buried with him.

a week later, mr. a decides he wants the leg back, afterall, he bought it fair and square, although unknowingly, in the auction.

the news was there when the two men met yesterday to discuss who gets the leg. mr. a wanted to know why mr. b had it in the storage to begin with. mr. b said everyone in town knew his leg was stored in the storage unit and it should have never been "sold".

mr. a, however, is willing to compromise...he just wants the leg (ready?) every october for halloween. understandably, mr. b says he doesn't want his leg being a "freak show."

as it stands now, a third party is in possession of the leg until the custody suit is settled.


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