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Off the top of my head, natural (Johnny Ketchum)

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This is the last restricted entry at the Memory Project. Sometime this week, the site will go "public" via my own updated website.

I hope more and more people will use this site to: a) noodle a vague memory toward specifics and b) have fun with writing. Most of all, I hope people will be patient if I don't file often. It's going to be a busy summer.

(Edited to add): The working model here is Nicholson Baker's "U and I," one of my favorite books. Baker chose an unorthodox method, writing about Updike and his work from memory, then correcting himself via footnote. With the web handy, it's tempting to double-check one's memories, but I urge you to try and dredge these facts up without relying on any references.

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