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The Indianapolis Colts lost yesterday and a lot of people in Baltimore are happy. Okay, I can't say a lot with any authority. I am happy. The four people who were having breakfast next to me this morning were happy, and I believe they will do the right thing and teach their baby girl to be happy, too, when she can understand such things.

The Baltimore Colts left town on a snowy night, spirited away by Mayflower moving vans. There are people in Baltimore to this day who won't use Mayflower. Okay, some Cleveland fans might ask, how is this different from what Baltimore did to us? Not very, I'm sorry to say; I've always felt that Baltimore's acquisition of the Cleveland Browns was very bad karma and it started catching up with us this season. But there is an important distinction: Cleveland kept its name, colors and institutional history. Ours moved to Indianapolis. In fact, Indiana was trying to sell special license plates with Unitas's name on them, which is clearly Just Wrong.

It's hard to keep a grudge, sometimes. My oldest friend (TO THE POWER OF THREE is dedicated to her) lives in Indianapolis and her youngest daughter was bat-mitzvahed there -- and the party was held at the Irsay Pavilion. (For those who don't know, Irsay was the owner who took the Colts from Baltimore to Indy.) We considered various acts of sabotage, but decided that Sawyer's big day was more important than our old rage. Still, even though I don't really care about football, I am happy today.

Anyone else here harbor such abstract grudges, against people or institutions you don't actually know? Please share. Here are The Memory Project, we often forget -- but we never forgive.

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