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We Interrupt this Blog -- Memed Again
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Stolen from Terry: (

• I am: waiting for my furnace to be inspected.
• I want: an assistant. Someone who could, for example, wait for the furnace inspector.
• I wish: I had some sour cream in the house.
• I hate: people who rationalize behavior in themselves -- gridlocking interesections, for example -- that they find unacceptable in others.
• I love: lamp! (Inside joke).
• I miss: someone that no one suspects that I miss.
• I fear: more things than I can enumerate.
• I hear: my iPod, on shuffle, playing the "Latin" genre.
• I wonder: how my household is going to get through this weekend.
• I regret: not having a wild youth.
• I am not: as nice as some people think.
• I dance: when I'm alone.
• I sing: often.
• I cry: easily.
• I am not always: right, but I need to be reminded of that fact more often.
• I make with my hands: very good Sloppy Joes.
• I write: almost every day
• I confuse: certain near homonyms. Murray/Murphy, Thomas/Thompson, etc. even in the case of very good friends.
• I need: damn little, to be truthful. Except, perhaps, an assistant.
• I should: get off the computer.
• I start: lots of self-improvement projects.
• I finish: on time.
• I tag: All of you!

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