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Baggage AWOL
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Half of my checked luggage decided to stay in Boston. That one contains my sleeping bag, heavy rain gear, fleecy, work boots, and some other things. I guess none of it's essential for a day or two, but that depends on whether there might be some spare blankets at base to borrow for the night.

The airline says that it should be in-country tonight or tomorrow and they'll bring it up north to me once I phone them back with our address. I hope so – I really don't want to have to replace all that stuff, and inconvenience the project by having them run me around to do so.

Other than that, most of the flight went well. The launch from Denver wracked my nerves, though, with some significant turbulence. One drop evoked a gasp from most everyone in the cabin. The bumps cleared up once we climbed above the clouds.

My flight arrived in Iceland about 6:30 am and since my flight up to the project does not leave until 3:45 pm, I've walked into Reykjavik and spent several hours wandering around town on this brilliantly clear and sunny Sunday morning.

Most places have been closed but are opening now, including this food joint (called Hressinggarskalinn) that offers free wi-fi and has a power outlet available for the drained laptop. I ordered the Icelandic Fish Stew for lunch. It came out as a generous scoop of yellowish stuff on thick brown bread. Not a stew as we know it, but not too bad taste-wise.

Looking forward to the flight north (good viewing for some of the interior of the country, especially glaciers: will have camera out and shooting), and to a long sleep tonight, preferably after a soak in a sauna. (Pubs may not be as convenient as in Britain, but the hot springs sure are.)

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