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Gaming Day
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Today started and stayed dreary: low overcast, chilly wind, blustery, grey, uninteresting. I stayed in and played World of Warcraft all day, while other people wrote papers, watched videos, or worked on their own laptops.

Given the conditions outside, and the hefty price of gas, it didn't look at all promising to drive around to see anything (not that there's much to see locally that would be new for me), or even take a hike in the hills.

Ah well, our future days off may be more enjoyable, if any of the tentative plans I've been hearing come to fruition.

Today two new people joined the project, and one of them will be taking the other bed in my room. He's a professor from CSUN that one of the directors knows, and I know him from 2001 although he doesn't know me.

Unfortunately I forgot my knit cap so if the weather holds like this, I'll have to buy one to stay comfortable outside for the day. But I won't be able to do that until the end of the day. All the stores close on Sunday so it could not be done today, which would have been preferable.

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