Ken's Skagafjordur Archaeological Settlement Survey Journal

Weather to Hotpot
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We suffered from strong northerly winds all day. We started cold with a little rain, gradually warming, but always the wind. Thankfully my orange lobster suit blocks it and keeps me comfy, but it does not stop the dirt getting in eyes, ears, and nose.

Some people had it particularly bad, working just downwind of our spoil heap (the dirt pile where we dump what we excavate). The wind just whipped dry dirt off of the pile and drove it into their faces throughout the day.

Thus, deciding whether a session in the hotpot at the community pool / shower / sauna / heated bubbly tubs wasn't really an issue today. It felt good before dinner! We continue to scoop out dirt and rocks from out trenches to figure out what's there. Not finding much in terms of artifacts (no surprise there) so little to report.

The farmer's dog came up and stayed with us all morning. He gave everyone a big hug, helped some people with note-taking, and others with staying warm. He also herded some horses out of the way for us. You can see the effects of the wind on his fur as he braces into it.

Hi Mom!

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