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In today's news, we are finally on broadband. Actually, we've signed up for a limited-speed broadband which was a free upgrade from our ISP. As it costs exactly the same as our previous dial-up service and is about 3 times faster, we thought we might as well. The ISP, of course, are fairly smart so we've got a 2 month trial of full broadband. This is going to be tough for us. It is frighteningly fast. Pages appear before we can blink. We can hardly keep up. Full broadband is more expensive, though, so somehow we're going to have to cope with dropping down in speed at the end of the trial period. :Sigh:

Also, we can now finally use the phone at the same time as the internet. This way, we never need to go offline at all...


Not much other news to report. Editors no longer respond to me, and I don't have many stories out anyway. The novel progresses at around 2-3 pages a day, depending on this and that. The sun is shining. That's it.

Read/Post Comments (2)

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