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I've found that, when it comes to writing, I'm an inspired sprinter. Most of what I've done are personal essays or atmospheric vignettes that just kind of happened. I think that almost all of the (very little) completed spec fic I've done had been a result of Mike Reed saying, "E me something by Friday for Enigmata," and I'd throw together something or other.

But as far as being struck by an idea and taking the time and energy to craft it into a story that transports the reader to another life.... I'm too easily distracted. I love new projects but I'm a bit too much like Kiki the Dancing Ferret. I haven't given up on being able to write a real story, and I've got a couple I really do hope to eventually finish, once I figure out where they're supposed to go.

Fortunately, I found a market that doesn't want a finished story, and I actually submitted something today. Wow. We'll see how it goes.

More Kiki links, just because.

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