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It has begun
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still resigned yet optimistic

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Well, according to the Interesting People board (thanks to Mike Donahue for the link), Debka.com reports that the bombing has already begun.

Unfortunately, Debka seems to be down. I don't know the concrete reliability of the source, but it has a good rep, and it is, after all, Wednesday, March 19, which is the date that was bandied around as the potential starting date.

I hope that Shawn's nephew -- who was shipped out with his tank battalion last month -- comes back to his wife, Autumn, and to the rest of us who love him alive and unharmed. The warrior creed is a noble one, but how do you fight against chemical weapons and dirty bombs that eat away at your insides?

May the war be ended quickly, with as little loss of life as possible, so we can move on to building instead of destroying.

FOLLOW-UP NOTE: as of 1pm PST, I still haven't seen confirmation (per comments), so it may have been a misreporting. Still not happy about the whole situation.

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