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Shy toes
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I did it!

After four weeks of looking for black, split-sole ballet shoes in my size, I had my first lesson yesterday!

It was a lot of fun. Apparently the "Adult Beginning" class was a bit more advanced than some of the others, but I followed along pretty well. At least, I managed not to trip or kick anyone else. And the teacher said I had "very pretty feet."

I think I pulled a thigh muscle.

Since my car was in the shop, getting its brakes worked on, I decided to see whether or not I could, in fact walk to work. Yep. I couldn't feel my face by the time I got up the hill (the wind is fierce up there!), but it was a nice little hike. It had snowed a bit overnight, so the wooded area I cut through was blanketed in a half-inch of white with sprigs of grass and little green things and pretty yellow flowers peeking through. It was lovely.

In other news (and I apologize for the short notice), if you're in the LA area tonight and looking for some free entertainment, Aaron's movie, The Yellow Sign, is screening at 8pm. For more info, check out the details.


The tragedy of life is not that it ends so soon, but that we wait so long to begin it.
-- W. M. Lewis

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