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My sweetie got good news this week: not only has he made the first cut for the UC Riverside Biology Lab Project for this summer, but he was also awarded a small scholarship that his current bio teacher had recommended him for without telling him.

Add that to being on the Dean's List w/Highest Honors last semester and being recommended by a different teacher for the honors program, and I say that my hubbie's a very smart cookie. Of course, I've always thought that, but it's nice that other people are recognizing it as well.

We went to see Bulletproof Monk on Friday. It wasn't as dark and intense as the first promo we'd seen for it, but fortunately it wasn't as silly as the recent ones they've been showing.

Although I'm not a big fan of wirework (Daredevil drove me nuts because they compounded the unbelievability of the stunts with all this background that tried to show that he was a Real Person, not a superhero, which was totally inconsistent with what they had him doing. That's why I was a Jackie fan for so long, because I actually believed he was doing what he did -- until I got tired of slapstick and plot crevasses -- but anyway -- ), I enjoyed the film. It was fun, as long as you chose to go along for the ride. And it helped that Seann William Scott had dark hair for the flick, so I didn't keep expecting him to say, "Dude!"

Number of Keys Tuned: 8 (I've got over 2 full octaves done so far! Unfortunately, some of the notes I tuned last month are already starting to go flat, so I've had to do maintenance as well.)

It's not about anger -- it's about peace.
It's not about power -- it's about grace.
It's not about knowing your enemy --
      it's about knowing yourself.
The Nameless Monk, "Bulletproof Monk"

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