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[Disclaimer: Shawn doesn't like my subject line because he thinks Munchkins aren't cute but actually kind of creepy.]

Okay, I haven't journaled on this before because (1) I was hoping to have pictures, and (2) Heather was missing her pooky and I didn't want to elicit feelings of jealousy.

Well, the film still hasn't been developed, but I don't feel like waiting anymore, so here goes. [Warning: talk about cats approaching.]

Last weekend, Shawn and I were adopted by a couple of 6-week old kittens. Typical story: friends of friends had a cat with a litter, we met the little guys, and, well, what could we do?

At first, we were told they were both girls. Nope. Both are little boy kitties. The black-on-black one (very dark, but if you look closely, you can see stripes and spots) is very active and curious. Since he seems to have a talent of unexpectedly appearing in places after you know you just saw him on the other side of the room, we've named him Bamf.

The grey striped one with the prettiest little triangle face and eye markings was a lot harder to name. After many, many tries (Pooka, Mouse and Pickles were all vetoed), he's now called Max (as in Maximilian.)

Our big kitties are, well, not thoroughly traumatized by the new additions, but it'll take a while to adjust. Tia's doing pretty well, in that she hangs out and sniffs them and no longer immediately runs away when they approach her. She'll even come up on the bed when the bitties are up here with us.

Starlight, as expected, is not happy with the situation. She rarly deigns to enter the bedroom unless the munchkins have been put in the bathroom for the night. She still hisses at them and stalks off when they come in contact.

Anyway, I'll post pictures as soon as we have some. I'm hoping that some of the ones of Shawn covered in sleeping kittens come out.


Uh oh. Something's moving back there. Hold on.... There! I got it! I got it! Take that, you scurvy tail! That'll teach you to follow me around!
Maximilian, translated from the kittenese

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